MMC6000 Cartridge

Model: 937

MMC6000 tracks both mono and stereo records with the utmost fidelity. It is designed for record-players with tangential arms. The stylus is the Pramanik diamond, named after its inventor: engineer S. K. Pramanik from Bang & Olufsen's Laboratories.


  • Pramanik diamond
  • Radius of curvature CD-4 quadro
  • Frequency range 20 - 15000 Hz+/- 1,5dB 20 - 45000 Hz (CD4)
  • Channel separation 1000Hz >25dB
  • 40 - 10000Hz >20dB
  • Channel difference <1,5dB
  • Intermodulation <1%
  • Recommended stylus pressure 1g
  • Compliance 30 x 10(-6)cm/dyne
  • Effective tip mass 0,22mg
  • Output mV/cm/sec. 0,6mV/47kOhms
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