Beolink 7000

Model: 976

The Beolink 7000 remote control is an elegant and functional device from Bang & Olufsen that allows you to easily control your Bang & Olufsen audio systems and TVs.

The remote control is designed with a focus on user-friendliness and functionality. It has a sleek and minimalist design that complements modern homes and interior styles. The operation is intuitive, with a clear illuminated display and easily accessible buttons and keys.

The Beolink 7000 is a universal remote control that can be used to control a range of Bang & Olufsen devices, including audio systems, TVs, and other devices. It is programmable, so you can customize it to suit your specific needs and preferences.

The remote control also has a range of smart features that make it even more convenient. It has a built-in timer that can be used to set various schedules and automatic functions. It also has a "go-to" function that allows you to save your favorite settings, so you can quickly return to them later.

The Beolink 7000 remote control is designed to work with other Bang & Olufsen products and can be integrated into a larger Beolink network. This makes it possible to control your devices from different rooms in your home and create a more cohesive and integrated audio experience.

Overall, the Beolink 7000 remote control is a smart and practical device that provides you with a simple and intuitive way to control your Bang & Olufsen devices. With its elegant design and advanced features, it is an ideal remote control for anyone who wants a seamless and flexible audio experience.


  • 110 x 22 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 925g
3.495,00 kr.
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